What we believe

Greens for Plaid believe that in order for Wales to have a successful national movement, it must be tied to ensuring Wales plays its part in tackling the international emergency of climate change and environmental degradation. We believe that Wales' bright future is dependent as much on tackling these issues as it is on gaining the sovereignty our nation needs to unlock the potential of its people.

We believe that Wales can utilise the clean and green energy and solutions of the future, to create a world class, high technology based economy, which is sustainable and competitive.

We believe that larger businesses and industry have a strong role to play in Wales' future, but in order to do so, we must see business and industry introduce high standards, to guarantee that their environmental impact is sustainable and that its operations are clean, safe and green. We believe in the long term, this will improve the prospects of those businesses and industries, and make sure they are competitive.

Wales is a community of communities. And we believe that each community can play its part in ensuring Wales is an example to the world. From small scale local power generating, using local renewable energy, to local food co-operatives. Ensuring every community in Wales has access to locally grown, healthy and sustainable food.

Greens for Plaid want to see a transport revolution in Wales. We want to see as a priority, green and clean public transport as soon as possible. We believe that the time of big oil domination and control is over and that the time has come to begin the introduction of clean and carbon free cars and transport, using hydrogen electricity generation. The time has come for government to begin seriously investing in this technology and assisting Wales to its transition. We want Wales to set an example to governments across the developed and developing world in how this transition away from oil can be done.

We are fully supportive of efforts to plant more woodland and forest around Wales and further a field. The more natural woodland we can plant, the greater bio-diversity we can encourage and the more carbon we can potentially remove from the atmosphere.

Wales needs to, along with countries around the developed world, improve the way in which it sources food. With a world population that is increasing every day and a developing world fast catching up with the unsustainable practises that feed the developed world, we cannot afford to wait. We must urgently start to develop local food production and co-operatives and help protect the future of agriculture. Greens for Plaid believe that our attitude to food must change too. And a focus on buying local, sustainable produce has to be encouraged. We believe that governments and the food industry must also act seriously to reduce the massive impact food transportation and production has on the global environment.

Entire species are endanger of being lost forever unless we all act now. We as a society, as well as government and business, has to start thinking differently about how our actions have an impact. Of particular concern is the alarming decline in fish stocks from over-fishing and human activity on the ocean, and the impact this will have on the global food chain. The potential loss of entire species, such as Blue-fin Tuna, will be catastrophic. The loss of vast areas of critical rainforest for farming and plantations for cash crops also must be curtailed now before it is too late.

Greens for Plaid think that Wales is the most beautiful country in the world. From the rolling green hills and woodlands of the Vale of Glamorgan, across the sweeping hills, mountains and moor land of the centre, down to the crashing waves and azure seas of Pembrokeshire and up to the dramatic, stony heights of Snowdonia. Wales truly is a treasure. We are determined that we pass on the beautiful country in which we live to our children and grandchildren so that they may pass it to theirs.