What we believe

CymruX believes, in the long-term, in independence for Wales. We support full membership for Wales of the European Union and the United Nations. CymruX believes that the climate crisis is the defining issue of contemporary politics and is determined to put the issues of climate change and sustainability at the heart of our campaigns. CymruX supports linguistic rights for Welsh speakers and a bilingual Wales, and believes in diversity and multiculturalism. CymruX is committed to equality for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or age. CymruX believes that education is a human right. We support lifelong state-funded education free at the point of need. CymruX believes in free healthcare for all at the point of need. CymruX believes that government should help those in society who are in need. CymruX is an internationalist movement. We support progressive and democratic independence movements across the world and are committed to preserving Wales' national identity whilst also furthering our representation in Europe.

We are the Plaid Cymru youth wing and as a result obviously share many of the wider party's goals. However we aim as a youth wing to abide by the beliefs that our young members have. And we will always stand by the principles of CymruX and our young membership.