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02/02/2022  Delivering for Llanelli
Delivering for Llanelli

By Helen Mary Jones AM. It’s been nearly 4 years since Plaid ventured into Government with Labour in 2007, and yes I had my concerns – but on reflection, Plaid being in Government has delivered for the people of Wales, and indeed, the people of my very own constituency, Llanelli.


01/02/2022  Where are people expected to go?
Where are people expected to go?

By Jocelyn Davies AM and Deputy Minister for Housing and Regeneration. The reforms that the Tory government, along with its Lib Dem puppets, is making to housing benefits are clear proof that the Tory leopard will never change its spots.


31/01/2022  A real chance
A real chance

By Nerys Evans AM. Months only before the Welsh General Election, the Western Mail is referring to the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire constituency as a ‘hyper-marginal’.


29/01/2022  Fighting to protect direct CAP payments
Fighting to protect direct CAP payments

By Elin Jones AM - AM for Ceredigion and Rural Affairs Minister One of the greatest frustrations we face in Wales is the inability of the Westminster government to stand up for Welsh views on issues that directly impact upon our rural communities.


28/01/2022  Iraq inquiry is flawed and compromised
Iraq inquiry is flawed and compromised

“If we knew then what we know now, we would have done things differently” – that is what Tony Blair wanted us to believe when he first appeared in front of the Iraq Inquiry last June.


27/01/2022  Welcome to the Slate and welcome and our new site!
Welcome to the Slate and welcome and our new site!

On Wednesday we launched our new site, and today we launch another exciting feature of the new site – our new blog called The Slate or in Welsh Y Llechen.


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