The Slate blog - 29th March 2012

29/03/2022    A message from the Plaid Leader

Dear Voter,

As you may know, I was recently elected to lead Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales. The first crucial election is upon us, and I want to impress upon today’s voters that council elections matter – to us as communities, to our economy and to Wales as a nation.

Local councils have more power than we think: to create work, to stimulate business activity, to encourage investment, prioritise education and to take care of the environment. Councils can be the powerhouses that fuel our local economies and safeguard our jobs and services. 

These are difficult times economically and Wales is being hit hard. We need to think differently about our communities and about how we get things done.  It’s not about politics. It’s about pride, determination and self-belief. It’s about seeing beyond the failures of the past and the present and believing in a Welsh alternative for the future.

Under my leadership Plaid Cymru will be a party of hope. We will put forward an alternative to doing politics in the same old way.

  • Together, we will fight for the future of jobs in Wales, through providing apprenticeships, training schemes and supporting local businesses

  • Together, we will fight for the future of our communities, through campaigning to save vital local services and to invest in affordable housing.

  • Together, we will fight for a future for our young people, through working tirelessly to ensure that all our children have the basic skills of literacy and numeracy and that our young people get the best possible start in life.

Plaid Cymru is your only local party.  Plaid Cymru will always put the people of Wales first.

Yours truly,


Leanne Wood

Leader of Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales