Renewing Plaid: The discussion begins.


By Plaid Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones

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Following the election result in May, I announced that the party would be establishing a comprehensive process to look at all aspects of how the party is run and engages with people across Wales.

This Saturday’s national council marked an important step in this process to renew our party with Eurfyl ap Gwilym being chosen to head up this crucial work over the coming months.

Eurfyl, the party’s chief economic adviser, not only has a detailed knowledge of the Plaid’s structures having been a key figure within the party since the 1970s, but will also bring a wealth of vital business experience to the process.

Under the guidance of Eurfyl ap Gwilym, the Renewing Plaid consultation, which will begin in earnest over the coming weeks, will aim to develop all aspects of the party including improving our party structures, messaging, campaigning capacity and ultimately our electoral performance.

Eurfyl ap Gwilym will chair the consultation on renewing Plaid

Our aim must be to see Plaid become a party which isn’t just competing for second place in Wales, but is in a position to lead Wales.

The analysis will look at how we develop the party in the future years rather than a post-mortem reviewing the past - we’ve got no interest in navel-gazing. To do this we’ll be asking the views of members, supporters and non-supporters alike as well as experts from various backgrounds.

Some key figures from within the party like Elin Jones and Adam Price have already submitted articles to our website which are providing a basis for wider discussion.

We’ll be using a wide variety of fora to ensure as many people as possible are able to contribute to the process. Our website, social networks, as well as ‘town hall’ style meetings around Wales will all be used to collect evidence.

While this process is ongoing Plaid Cymru will, of course, continue to play a vital role in ensuring that the Welsh people have a constructive and effective opposition to represent them.

Carwyn Jones and the Labour Government are currently either unable or unwilling to properly represent Wales’s interests on the UK stage, and their distinct lack of ambitious proposals to move Wales forward in the coming term is alarming.

The coming months provide us with a golden opportunity, not only to ensure the people of Wales continue to have a party advancing the interests of our nation, but also to renew and reenergise our party so that we can make the advances we wish to see in the coming years.