Aberconwy's colourful campaign


By Iwan Huws, our candidate in Aberconwy.

We've had a good campaign in Aberconwy. Since the first week in January, I've had the pleasure of chatting with hundreds if not thousands of people across the constituency. That first week feels a long way back and it was cold and dark when we first started campaigning . Now it's blue skies and sunshine that greets us and I'm as brown as a berry.

There were many highlights : such as seeing the Conwy Valley dressed in yellow and green. The gorse and green fields .... and the posters of similar colours that sprouted like mushrooms overnight.

Walking the streets of Conwy that are full of Owain Glyndwr's banners  ( red and yellow were the colours there) with some of Plaid's elder statesmen was further inspiration. Then came Super Saturday with over fifty campaigners enjoying each others company whilst leafleting a large chunk of the constituency. A number of positive press reports, memorable pictures, lively conversations on the doorstep .... a campaign to remember. It was friendly enough..

Until the last days. It's a pity that things turned sour when Labour decided to spread lies in a miserable leaflet.  We should not tolerate that sort of behaviour in Welsh politics. If I'm lucky enough to be elected today, I want to put this negativity behind me and focus on representing the people of Aberconwy to the best of my ability.