The Nurse's Message: Plaid's Message


I love meeting all sorts of people when canvassing. It’s one of those rare times when you can speak face to face with all sorts of people, from all backgrounds, and get to know their problems and aspirations. I feel I almost invariably welcomed on the doorstep. Some have very little interest in politics. This is a major problem, and a great pity. But even if they are not interested, they are very polite most of the time. Others want to know who I am, what my background is and what my priorities are. Another  group are anxious to hear more about Plaid’s policies on education, agriculture, health and so on.  

Like the nurse who answered the door last night in Penmaenmawr. She worked at Llandudno Hospital, and remembered the campaign led by Plaid when Labour wished to downgrade the hospital. Many remember how Gareth Jones, the former AM for Aberconwy, kept his word in 2007. When the hospital was threatened by Labour, a storm of protest arose, and Plaid locally led the campaign. After Gareth Jones was elected, the plan was halted. Then, they went a step further: by now, investing in Llandudno Hospital is a chief priority for the health service in the north. This is despite the severe and unfair cuts to the capital budgets of Welsh hospitals imposed by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at Westminster. Now, we can look forward to an enormous investment of up to £49 million in medical services which maintain highly skilled jobs for local people. Would this have happened were it not for the stand made by Gareth Jones and Plaid? Would we even have a hospital in Llandudno  - not to mention the current investment now taking place?  I very much doubt it, and the nurse on the doorstep was most grateful that she could still work locally and could serve people in their community.

But we need to move on. With urgent and life-threatening cases going directly to Bangor and Glan Clwyd, it is essential now that we have more ambulances locally. That was the message conveyed by the nurse on the doorstep, and this is Plaid’s message. Plaid in government would abolish the Ambulance Trust and ensure that the Local Health Board takes action to improve emergency response times for ambulances across Wales. 

This is an example of Plaid fighting a battle, winning it and then pressing on for further improvements. Only Plaid can do this, because it is only Plaid that puts Wales and the welfare of the people of Wales above all else. I know this, and this is why I want to be the Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Aberconwy. The nurse from Llandudno Hospital and thousands of her fellow electors also know this. Know that Plaid keeps its word and works hard for the people of Wales.