Ambition is Critical


By Nerys Evans, Director of Policy.

With just a few weeks to go to the 2011 Welsh General Election, Plaid Cymru candidates and activists are already out across Wales campaigning, leafleting and canvassing to get out our vote. But what do we want to tell people on the doorstep? What will a Plaid government do for people across Wales, from Bangor to Barry, from Carmarthen to Caersws?

Wales has had a decade of devolution. Now, especially with new law-making powers and the first Welsh Parliament in 600 years, we need a Plaid decade of delivery more than ever. We want to transform Wales for the better – and we have the drive and the ideas to do it.

A Plaid Government will prioritise a stronger economy and better skills for the Welsh workforce. We'll ensure our children leave school with the education they deserve, able to read and write to a high standard.

We'll give you the right to see a doctor or a dentist when you need to and we'll transform our NHS into a community health and wellbeing service, ready to meet the needs of modern Wales.
Plaid in government will build a 21st century technology infrastructure with high-speed internet and proper mobile phone coverage across the whole of Wales.

These are our key campaign priorities for the coming election.
Plaid wants to build a better Wales and we can do this through building a better economy, better health and education and a better communications system.

Plaid will build our nation's economy and create 50,000 new jobs across Wales. Our decisive action in government has already protected thousands of jobs during the toughest of recessions through the innovative ProAct and ReAct programmes and now we'll show the vision to help our economy recover. We'll create a £500m Build for Wales infrastructure company to get our economy moving.

We'll set up a £90m fund for business loans as well as providing business rate relief to help develop our town centres and small businesses. We'll support 30,000 apprenticeships to boost the skills and employability of young people across Wales.
Plaid knows that a healthy, successful Welsh economy will underpin the success of every other policy in government and we're the only party in Wales able to put Wales first in every decision.

Our children are being let down by the current education system.
Labour has launched too many initiatives, made too many short-term decisions and let down too many children. Too many pupils are leaving school without the basic literacy and numeracy skills they need to succeed in life. This cannot continue. Plaid will make sure that children leaving primary school are able to read, write and count to the expected standard. Our detailed literacy plan will get the basics right for future generations. We'll put in place a long-term solution and get things right for the next generation in Wales.

In 2007, Plaid ensured hospitals across Wales were protected from closure, including Llandudno General and Withybush at Haverfordwest. Now we want to make sure that our health service responds to the needs of modern Wales and is protected in the face of public service cuts from London. We'll make sure our GPs, dentists, pharmacists and specialists serve your needs and those of your family and community with services more accessible and more responsive to patients in Wales. We'll also increase the availability of urgent out-of-hours services across Wales to make sure that when you need quick and effective healthcare, it's there for you.

We in Plaid believe a more connected Wales will help create a successful Wales. We know people rely on good transport and technology for work, business and everyday life but in many parts of Wales these links need to be much better. A Plaid government will ensure better mobile coverage, broadband and free wi-fi throughout Wales. We'll create thousands of free public wi-fi hotspots to make sure Wales becomes the UK's first wireless nation.

We'll also get Wales back on track with a truly modern transport system to unite our nation, speeding up your journeys with faster, more reliable and more affordable ways to travel.

Only Plaid has the ambition and the vision to change our nation and build a better Wales.

Our ideas and campaigns to strengthen our economy, our education system, our NHS and our national transport and technology infrastructure will really make a difference to people's lives.

So let's look forward to May 5 and secure the best result for Wales – Plaid in government, ready to build a better Wales!