Busy, busy, busy


Heledd Fychan is standing for the North Wales regional list.

Going into the second full week of the campaign, I must admit that I'm feeling positive that Plaid Cymru will get a great result in North Wales. It's a strange experience campaigning across a region rather than just one constituency, but it's also interesting as it gives me a chance to meet a number of candidates and their teams and gauge how Plaid is doing.

We have an excellent team of candidates, but the real stars are all the volunteers that are supporting them. They are an amazing group of people who've already worked hard this year to deliver a strong yes vote in the referendum. I don't know where they get all their energy from, but without them there is no possible way that we could fight an election campaign.

Going around, the main issue that worries people is jobs and the prospects of the economy. Talking to businesses in Benllech with Ieuan Wyn Jones on Saturday, it was clear that the rates relief scheme had been a big help and they were very relieved to hear that it had been extended. The Tories and the Lib Dems are being criticised every where I go - making me feel very glad that I'm a Plaid Cymru candidate rather than any other party.

People are very positive about the One Wales coalition, and are saying they think Plaid was a fantastic influence on Labour especially in terms of bringing Ministers from North and Mid Wales to the cabinet table. Even hard core Labour supporters wouldn't like to see Labour win an outright majority as they fear the Welsh Government will become too South Wales centric. Hence why they promised to vote for Plaid Cymru on the list if their first vote went to Labour!

Tonight I'm doing a television debate on BBC 1 Wales and  though I'm a little bit nervous, I'm also looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be a lively debate!

Anyway, plenty to do over the next few weeks to deliver a great result for Plaid Cymru. Looking forward to it. Don't foget about the Super Saturday in Aberconwy this Saturday. Help us keep the seat and elect Iwan Huws. We'd appreciate your support as he is undoubtedly the best candidate in the race.