Who's to blame?


By David Senior,  our candidate in  Montgomeryshire.

You would be forgiven for being a little confused about politics if you live in Maldwyn. What each party stands for is becoming increasingly confusing with each passing day.

I have heard it said that the main reason that the LibDems in Montgomeryshire want to be in government is so their candidates can gain votes by campaigning against the policies that their own party has voted for.

We have a classic case in Mid Wales. Proposals to close the Neonatal Unit in Shrewsbury and concentrate services solely in Telford have quite rightly caused huge concern in Mid Wales.

Montgomeryshire candidates have been falling over each-other in their attempts to be seen opposing the proposals whilst trying to hide their own parties role in bringing about the changes.

Our AM (elected as a LibDem) has being condemning the inactivity of the National Assembly over the issue, whilst ignoring the fact that the provision of health care in England is controlled by the UK government. Our conservative MP has likewise been condemning the proposals.

It is of course the Conservatives and LibDems who are responsible for the changes. Both parties are in government and it is their own policy on Foundation Trusts that is causing the reconfiguration in Shropshire. Rather than supporting their policies with pride they are busy pretending that everyone else is to blame.

Some people might feel that it is good that all the parties in Maldwyn are opposing something that is so bad for Mid Wales. This would be true if that opposition was genuine. The policies of the UK government have given Shropshire little choice but cut back on vital services. Fake opposition to these cuts by governing parties will not prevent them taking place.

I have often been told that I am too honest to be in politics. Maybe that is so. But one thing is certain. I am definitely too honest to be a member of the LibDems or Conservatives in Montgomeryshire.