A new Wales


A new Wales

By Jill Evans MEP and Plaid Cymru President

I am in Strasbourg this week where the European Parliament sits once a month. I have represented Wales in Europe for eleven years, but this week has been different – I am representing a new nation which has stated that it's ready to make big decisions without interference from outside its borders.

Whilst campaigning for a "Yes" vote, I travelled across the nation doing street stalls, leafleting and speaking in public meetings. One of our key messages was that other nations will take much more of a notice of Wales if we are prepared to declare our identity and our determination to make big decisions ourselves. There are big changes happening in other small nations across Europe. I'll be going to Barcelona in April to observe the events of the unofficial referendum on Catalan independence.

The "Yes" vote on March the 3rd has had some attention already. Here are some of the messages I've received this week:

"First of all, congratulations for the 'yes' clear victory and for having been the party who's led this remarkable change for the future of Wales. And secondly, many thanks for your kind hospitality, we were honoured to be there in such a historic day for your nation."

Oriol Junqueras MEP

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC)

"The result is very interesting and encouraging.

I welcome the results for more autonomy and congratulate Plaid Cymru, and you in particular, for its efforts in convincing the Welsh people to vote yes for a full Welsh Parliament. Best regards, many congratulations."

Frieda Brepoels MEP

Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie - Belgium

"Congratulations to all the Welsh folk, to Plaid Cymru rank and file, to you as its President, and to any and all who helped in any way achieve this result of more direct control and increased devolution. I trust this will inspire us here in Rijeka (Croatia) in our dream of regaining autonomy one day.

Good luck to you all.

Best regards"

Dan Milosevic

founder member of Free State of Rijeka (association) - Croatia

founder of Charter for Rijeka (political party, members of EFA)

"Very good news, congratulations to Jill and Plaid Cymru and to all the Welsh people.

All the best for the future.


Rolf Granlund

Ålands Framtid Party - Aland Islands

"Please receive my sincere congratulations!

Plaid Cymru's input to this victory can't be underestimated!"

Tatjana Zdanoka

For Human Rights in United Latvia

"Congratulations to the Welsh nation and to Plaid Cymru. A new hope for countries whose central States that have cooled down devolution claiming (among other nonsense) that self-government does not match with economic recovery.

All the best,"

Miguel Martínez Tomey
Chunta Aragonesista - Aragon

The referendum result is a hugely proud occasion for Plaid Cymru and for me personally. It is also an inspirational result for many political parties in Europe.

In our 2007 manifesto, Plaid Cymru made a promise to the people of Wales to deliver a referendum on greater powers for the Assembly. We delivered on that pledge and are looking forward to the next period of devolution in Wales. Wales has voted for a better Wales, and Plaid Cymru is ready to answer the challenge of delivering a better Wales.