Stop subsidising Labour

This Labour Party has been in government for 10 years and has done very little to help the workers of Wales and the UK. During this time we have seen massive cuts in UK manufacturing and a constant barrage of abuse from the Labour leadership towards the unions who need to "modernise or die" and the Workers who have left "scars on my back". If you have had enough of Labour's attitude then you should opt out and stop paying the Labour party.

Plaid Cymru supports the unions and actively encourage our members to join a union. We also value the good political work that unions do and think that it is important that people support the General Political Funds that many unions use to campaign for better and more equal rights for all workers.

We also believe that union members should have the right to decide for themselves whether or not the Labour party is representing their interests. At the moment many union members do not realise that they are paying money to the Labour party.

If you do not want your union money to go to the Labour party then create an email to your union by clicking on the logo below. Fill in your name, address and the date and send it. Your union will then stop giving your money to the Labour party.




 Communications and workers union



  Unite (Formerly T&GWU and Amicus)




 Musicians union

 Bakers, Food and Allied workers union


If you do not have a mail manager (e.g. outlook express) and are having any problems creating an email simly copy and paste the following text into an email and send it to your union.



I give notice that I object to contributing to the Labour Party through the Political Fund of the Union, and am in consequence exempt, in the manner provided for by Chapter VI of Part 1 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, from contributing to any political fund that donates to the Labour party.