Our vision for rural Wales

What is Plaid's vision for our rural and agricultural communities?

Plaid has supported the shift in approach to land management schemes in Wales. From 2012, the five existing agri-environment schemes will be replaced by one scheme, Glastir, which is better positioned to meet current and future environmental challenges. We are talking and listening to the concerns of farmers across Wales to make sure we get the scheme right.

We also know how important local food production is to people and that more and more people want to grow their own food. Long waiting lists for allotments must be addressed, and Plaid has called for reform of the 1908 Allotment Act to meet Welsh demand so that more people can grow their own food.

While much of rural policy is devolved, Welsh agriculture still needs a strong Plaid Cymru voice in Westminster – to reaffirm our commitment to keeping Wales GM-free, for example. We also need to ensure that Wales's interests are at the heart of the UK's negotiations with other EU Member States when the Common Agricultural Policy is reviewed in 2013. We need to make sure the new 'Supermarket Ombudsman', which Plaid has long called for, ensures that Welsh producers get a fair deal. We need changes to UK food labelling legislation so that consumers have clear information on 'place of farming'. Plaid Cymru will also oppose a UK Treasury livestock tax being imposed on Welsh farmers.