Plaid publishes response to consultation on Equal Civil Marriage saying that “Equal civil marriage will further the development of a confident, outward looking, free and prosperous Wales”.  The party strongly supports civil marriage for same-sex couples as a natural and necessary extension to the successful introduction of civil partnerships.

Equal Marriage Consultation - Plaid Cymru's response [pdf]


Plaid Pride

Plaid Pride is the LGBT affiliate group for Plaid Cymru members and supporters who identify as LGBT.

The group was launched at Spring Conference 2010 in Cardiff and had its first big event at the Cardiff Wales Mardi Gras in September 2010.

Plaid Cymru is a party that has always stood up for the equality and equal rights of LGBT people. Our party supported;

  • Civil Partnerships

  • Equalisation of the age of consent

  • Adoption rights

  • The repeal of section 28

  • Classing homophobic attacks as a hate crime

  • Regulations that prevent any discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender

  • The equality act of 2010

  • Full and equal rights to military service

  • The right to change legal gender

Plaid Cymru is a forward looking and progressive party, and we have always viewed that everybody should be allowed equal freedom, in a free society.


The Future

Plaid Cymru believes that there are still major advances in the march to LGBT equality.

  • Full marriage equality

  • Ending discrimination on blood donation

  • A campaign to end a lingering culture of homophobia and gender discrimination

Plaid Cymru wants your support to build a confident, outward looking, free and prosperous Wales where the LGBT community play a full and active role in society, at all levels!



If you would like any further information or to get involved, please contact or follow @plaidpride on twitter 


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