Our vision for transport

What is Plaid's vision for our public transport?

We see improving public transport as fundamentally important, not only to enable easier, more user-friendly travel, but also in the battle against climate change and in order to unite the nation. Plaid Cymru has demonstrated in government that it is committed to building an All-Wales, modern, integrated public transport system. With Plaid in government, the Welsh government has, for the first time, published a National Transport Plan and has spent more money on integrated public transport than road building.

We recognise that the rail network will never help us to achieve our environmental objectives unless it is both cheap and attractive to use, and that will not happen without significant and ongoing commitment of public funds. We reiterate our call for the railway system to be brought back into public ownership.

Yet much of the responsibility for the rail network remains with Westminster, and we will continue to campaign for the UK government to honour the decision to bring cheaper and faster high-speed electric rail links from Wales to mainland Europe. We call on the UK coalition government to introduce a tax on aviation fuel and to use the revenue generated to invest in improving the public transport network and in reducing rail and long-distance bus fares substantially.

We call for a review of the National Assembly's powers over freight transport. We also want to see the right infrastructure and technologies put in place to develop the use of the electric car.