Our Vision for the economy

What is Plaid's vision for our economy?

With Plaid in government in Wales, the figures speak for themselves: so far, over 8,500 people have been helped into work; up to 32,000 people have gained qualifications; and over 2,370 jobs and 870 new enterprises have been created.

Plaid has repeatedly called for a substantial investment programme to address the climate crisis and generate sustainable jobs. Whilst we welcome the Welsh government's proposed Green Jobs Strategy, more needs to be done, and we will encourage businesses in the green industry.

We believe that Wales is an aspiring nation of entrepreneurs. Plaid Cymru is fully committed to encouraging the development of community-owned social enterprises and we recognise that a vibrant SME sector is vital for economic growth. Yet, we know that there is a gap in the provision for companies looking for capital. Banks are not lending to our small businesses and too many are suffering as a result.

Plaid supports the setting up of a venture capital fund for Wales, established with the help of the Welsh Assembly government, but independent of it. This fund could raise capital and deliver investment through a co-investment model, with approved private sector partners.

Plaid knows that new technologies and an excellent infrastructure will be vital to the success of our small businesses in the coming years. We know that connectivity is about more than connecting people to places. It's also about ensuring that Wales is connected to the rest of the world in the digital sense.

Plaid Cymru believes that future broadband development is based on a minimum public obligation for all. We also call for research into the construction of a super-fast national broadband network for Wales. We also support compulsory network sharing between mobile phone and broadband operators.

Plaid calls for stringent implementation of labour laws for all workers, including enforcement of the legal minimum wage to address the injustice of poor pay and unfair working conditions.