Our vision for culture, Heritage and language

The Welsh language belongs to all the people of Wales, wherever they live, whichever language they speak. The right place to legislate on the Welsh language is the National Assembly for Wales and all powers relating to it should be devolved.

Plaid Cymru will legislate to give official status to Welsh, create rights for individuals to receive services through the medium of Welsh, and create the post of Language Commissioner to ensure that the interests of Welsh language speakers are proactively safeguarded and promoted. We are determined to revitalise Welsh as a community language and we will concentrate on increasing the opportunities for everyone in Wales, and our young people in particular, to use the language. To this end, Plaid Cymru is committed to ensuring that every Local Authority in Wales will create bilingual trainers that could, and will hold training sessions and open air activities through the medium of Welsh.

Plaid Cymru is committed to protecting high-quality regional broadcasting and media. We recognise the importance of plurality in news and TV programming in Wales. We firmly condemn the decision of the Westminster government, taken behind closed doors, and with no consultation with either the Welsh government or the people of Wales, to pass control of S4C's funding to the BBC. More than ever, we now reiterate our call for devolution of all broadcasting.

We believe that art at its best is not a luxury, but a part of who we are and who we want to be. At times of financial constraints, Plaid Cymru believe that, where possible, funding of the arts by central government should be sustained. We value the arts for their economic impact and intrinsic value across all sectors of society, particularly education, health and social inclusion and we are committed to ensuring that the Arts Council of Wales commits to maintaining cultural activity in all parts of Wales.

Wales has a huge amount of priceless national treasures, including our National Museum, the National Library, and countless CADW monuments, and we believe that every child ought to have the opportunity, free of charge, to visit one of the National Museums or Libraries during their school years.

We will create a single national library service under the leadership of the National Library. Plaid Cymru remain committed to the process of making digital more Welsh print and visual material as well as continuing the screen and sound archive. We will create a Public Archive Office in Wales under the care of the National Library.

Plaid will support the campaign for a stadium for North Wales in Wrexham as well as continuing to call for the creation of a National Bank Holiday on St. David's Day.

We know that Wales's communities have lost out on significant funding as a result of the London-centric focus of the 2012 Olympics. Under existing rules, there is no obligation on the Treasury to increase the Welsh budget proportionately and that is wrong. Community projects in the poorest parts of Wales will suffer a double whammy thanks to a decision to divert large amounts of Lottery funding to the London Olympics, and will lose more than £100 million. We condemn the decision of successive Westminster governments to ignore the fact that the poorest part of the UK is effectively funding a massive regeneration project in London, one of the richest cities in the world.