Minister now needs to show leadership


In response to the plans announced by Hywel Dda health board for the reconfiguration of hospital services, the Party of Wales Shadow Health Minister Elin Jones said:

“The proposals put forward by Hywel Dda health board caused concern in many areas, and many people will be disappointed by the plans that have been announced today. Consultation processes have been happening in each area of Wales, and have revealed significant concerns about the plans of local health boards to centralise services. Many of those concerns remain.

“It is now up to the Health Minister to show leadership. There is continued disagreement between the health board, the local people and medical professionals about how services should be delivered. The Minister now needs to take a view and either stand by the health boards, or call them in to answer her questions.

“Plaid Cymru always warned that the Welsh Government would allow a programme of centralising away from local hospitals, and Labour always denied that this would happen. Unless the Minister now steps in to show leadership, it will be clear that she has given centralisation the green light.”