Plaid: ‘Act now to prevent further flooding chaos’


Party of Wales calls on Welsh Government do to what it can

As the people of north Wales try to deal with devastating floods, the Party of Wales has called on the Welsh Government to do what it can to ensure that the risk of flooding to Wales is minimised in future. The Party’s Shadow Environment Minister and AM for North Wales Llyr Gruffydd has raised concerns about the limited action that the government has taken to date, and has called for it now to adopt a three-pronged approach.

The Party of Wales’ Shadow Environment Minister and AM for North Wales Llyr Gruffydd said:

“This week’s flooding has devastated many areas in north Wales, and my thoughts are with those affected. Clearly, the effects of global warming mean that flooding is an occurrence that we will need to deal with more and more in Wales. We know that flood risk management can be expensive but we are clear that the Welsh Government will need to do much more to limit the effects in future.

“Firstly, a Party of Wales Government would bring together resources from affected policy areas and adopt a multi-portfolio approach. Flooding isn’t simply an environmental issue, but it has an effect on transport links, public service provision and the economy. This needs to be reflected in government policy.

“Secondly, the Welsh Government has talked about the bigger role that the private sector can play in contributing towards mitigating flood risk, but we are yet to see any evidence of progress in discussions between them. If the private sector is able to take on more responsibility then it is important that the Welsh Government makes it clear what that responsibility is and which discussions they have had.

“Thirdly the Welsh Government should be putting pressure on its MPs which have voted for a cut in the EU budget. The Welsh Government has indicated that it hopes to supplement its £140 million investment to flood risk management with £50 million of European money, but Labour MPs have also voted to cut the EU budget. In doing so Labour has effectively voted for a cut in the budget that the Welsh Government is planning to use to mitigate the risk of flooding. This needs to be communicated to the Labour MPs who have failed to put Wales’ interests first.

“It is clear that flooding will occur more and more often in future due to the effects of climate change, and in the meantime we would expect that those local authorities affected by this week’s events receive additional support from the Welsh Government to help with the cleanup costs and urgent remedial work. These are the actions that a Plaid Cymru government would take and I urge the Welsh Government to do what it can to protect these communities for the future.”