Plaid welcome appointment of new BBC Director-General


Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams has responded to the appointment of Lord Tony Hall as the new Director General of the BBC, welcoming him to the role and asking for his commitment to fostering a constructive relationship with BBC Wales.

Mr Williams said that Lord Hall's wealth of experience which stems from various positions means that he has a great deal to offer, and dismissed ageist remarks that, at 61, he is too old for the job.

Mr Williams said:

"I am pleased to see the BBC taking steps to restore stability within the organisation and I welcome Lord Tony Hall to his new role.

"Lord Hall has held several senior roles within the BBC and has a wealth of experience which I hope will provide him with the necessary tools to conduct this taxing role successfully.

"Irrespective of some commentators' views that Lord Hall is too old for the job, his achievement of rescuing the Royal Opera House from the brink of crisis is a clear indication that he has the energy and stamina required to restore the BBC's reputation.

"I call on Lord Hall to state his commitment to fostering a constructive relationship with BBC Cymru /Wales so that the organisation can continue to deliver high-standard programmes and reporting to all parts of the UK.

"Lord Hall must work closely with the Director of BBC Wales, Rhodri Talfan Davies, to safeguard funding for Welsh output and to ensure that licence-fee payers in Wales get their money's worth in the form of high-quality provision through the medium of both Welsh and English.

"I wish Lord Hall all the best in his new role and look forward to following his progress."