Plaid call for fair fuel regulator as Coalition plans to push up prices


Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd has announced that his party will this evening be delivering on its commitment to tackle soaring petrol prices and fuel poverty through voting to halt the Government’s proposed 3p hike in fuel duty scheduled for January.

Mr Llwyd welcomed Labour’s motion calling for the rise to be postponed but expressed frustration that they had taken 13 years to take this issue seriously and finally acted to tackle a problem which impacts the vast majority of ordinary people’s budgets.

He repeated his party’s call for a genuine duty stabiliser claiming that it would prevent extortionate prices at the pump and help people – particularly in rural areas – to weather the economic storm.

Mr Llwyd said:

"Plaid Cymru have campaigned extensively against the soaring cost of fuel and so we will be supporting the call to postpone the fuel duty rise this evening.

"However, this motion doesn't go anywhere near far enough in tackling the problem, and we need a genuine fuel duty stabiliser that will fully prevent, rather than just postpone, extortionate prices at the pump.

"Plaid Cymru alongside the SNP have been calling for a genuine fuel duty stabiliser for nearly a decade. It is a shame that Labour's lethargy coupled with the Coalition's complacency has prevented this from being introduced.

"Rising fuel costs impact the daily lives of the majority of ordinary people, particularly in rural areas such as my Dwyfor Meirionnydd constituency where efficient transport is essential.

“Figures from the Office for National Statistics also show that poorer families spend more of their income on petrol than richer families, so there is an earning effect as well through soaring fuel prices.

"Therefore it is disappointing that the Labour Party has taken so long to declare support for this campaign, especially considering the fact that petrol prices nearly doubled during the 13 years they were in government and that the last Labour Prime Minister broke his promise of not increasing duty.

"We urge the Government to take heed of the support offered to the introduction of a stabiliser by motoring organisations and the Federation of Small Business so that ordinary people don't have to bear the brunt of the Coalition's failing economic policies."