Plaid stand up for Welsh interests in vote on EU Budget


Party of Wales MP, Jonathan Edwards, and Jill Evans MEP, have criticised Labour MPs from Wales who voted with right-wing Tory Eurosceptics to cut the EU Budget which brings valuable investment to Welsh communities.

Mr Edwards said that Labour's actions were nothing more than cynical opportunism and that their decision to prioritise politics over principle shows that they're more concerned about British interests rather than Welsh interests.
He added that the Party of Wales' decision to support a freeze in the Budget and safeguard the vast sums of money that Wales receives from the EU each year shows that his party is the only one committed to putting the interests of the Welsh people first.
Jonathan Edwards MP said:

"We decided not to support the right-wing Conservative Eurosceptics because Wales receives vast sums of money from the European Union. CAP payments alone total well over £300m per year while convergence funding is near the £150m mark per year.

"We are amazed that Labour MPs representing communities in receipt of the highest form of structural aid would vote to reduce the money being invested in their communities.

"A cut in the EU Budget will see the gap between the richest and poorest parts of the state would widen considerably. Inner London is by far the richest part of the EU while West Wales and the Valleys are among the poorest.

"This vote was hugely significant and marks a shift in the centre of gravity in Westminster politics towards a more Eurosceptic position. This is not in the interests of Wales and a very worrying development.

"I'm extremely disappointed that Labour have put short-term narrow political advantage first, without considering for a moment the long-term strategic implications of their actions.
"This goes to show that The Party of Wales is the only party willing and committed to putting the interests of the people of Wales first."

Ms Evans, who is also President of the party, commented:

"Cuts in the EU budget would mean cuts in the funding coming to communities, businesses, farmers, students and many other organisations across Wales. We have some of the poorest areas in the whole of the EU as a result of London government policies. We need the support that European regional funding can offer to help create jobs and strengthen the economy. We won't get that from the London Treasury.

"Plaid Cymru has opposed the UK government cuts which will do so much damage in Wales. I find it astonishing that Labour MPs representing our poorest areas are calling for more cuts on top of that. Wales's national interest is clear: we need more investment for growth, not more cuts."


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