Plaid Cymru comments on new employment for former Remploy workers


The leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood said:

“It’s good news that a proportion of the Remploy jobs have been saved. Devastating cuts to the benefits budget by the UK government as part of their austerity drive, as well as a new threat of £10bn extra cuts, means that disabled people in Wales are facing difficult and worrying times. The loss of 300 Remploy jobs only added to this.

“Had the Welsh Government called for the devolution of the Remploy budget for Wales when we first called for it to happen, then these job losses could have been avoided and the future of Remploy in Wales protected. The Welsh Government has today secured a future for 45 former Remploy workers, and I hope that they continue to work to ensure that the remaining 250 workers are also offered a future.”

The Party of Wales’ Welfare Spokesperson Hywel Williams MP said:

"While it is welcome news that the Welsh Government is to provide work for ex-Remploy workers, these individuals would have been spared the stress of redundancy had the First Minister called for the devolution of the Remploy budget in the first place.

"When the first round of factory closures was announced, it was clear from the then Minister for the Disabled, Maria Miller's incompetent handling of the process that Westminster isn't fit to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

"The Party of Wales have consistently called for the devolution of the Remploy budget so that loyal workers are treated with respect rather than contempt.

"I urge the First Minister to right the wrong of his party's past support for Remploy factory closures, and join the Party of Wales in repeating the call for devolution in order to protect the people of Wales from the Coalition's cuts."