Plaid plans to create jobs and growth


Party calls for capital investment models to create 50,000 jobs

The Party of Wales has outlined its plans for tackling chronic levels of unemployment and getting the Welsh economy moving. The party has called on the Welsh Government to seek meaningful borrowing powers and to create a not-for-dividend company such as its Build4Wales proposal to fund new capital projects.

A not-for-distributable-profit company could invest £500m in capital projects, creating up to 50,000 jobs, while also improving our roads, railways, hospitals or schools, said the Party of Wales Shadow Economy Minister Alun Ffred Jones. He said that upgrading infrastructure in this way will also support the private sector and will have considerable long-term effects for Wales.

The Party of Wales Shadow Economy Minister Alun Ffred Jones said:

“The Party of Wales’ number one priority is the economy. During May to July 2012, there were 132,000 unemployed people in Wales, and this is simply wrong. Plaid Cymru’s initial proposals to create an arm’s length not-for-dividend company could create jobs for up to 50,000 people. And a Party of Wales government would go much further to support the creation of many more jobs.

“The Welsh Government’s budget is constricting, but the Party of Wales knows that there is much that can be done. Borrowing powers, procurement, and capital investment are models that we desperately need to pursue in order to help the Welsh economy and get people into work.

“The Welsh Government has indicated that it has listened to our calls is about to take positive steps in this direction, and we welcome this news. However, Plaid Cymru will continue to work to ensure that the government does all it can to help Welsh families.”