The Party of Wales: A proper legacy to Inspire a Generation


Government action is vital to inspire, improve and include

The Party of Wales has set out four actions it wants to establish a long term legacy for Wales after the London 2012 games. In the wake of Wales’ success in the London Games, the party has called on the Welsh Government to replicate the commitments of the Scottish and Northern Irish Governments to capitalise on the legacy of the games, to develop talent, improve the health of the nation and increase social engagement.

The leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood, alongside the party’s spokesperson on sport, Bethan Jenkins AM, highlighted figures which reveal that children from poorer socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to participate in sport, while almost 50% of girls aged 14-15 did not enjoy taking part in sport, compared with 25% of boys. They are calling for small simple actions to increase engagement in sport. In particular:

• An additional investment of £250,000 to identify and develop sporting talent, to ensure that talent isn’t missed in areas of deprivation or disadvantage

• A commitment to increase the number of statutory hours of PE in schools

• The creation of a dedicated minister for sport to oversee policy and increase participation in sport

• Increased access to sporting opportunities, especially for children from deprived backgrounds.

The leader of the Party of Wales Leanne Wood said:

“We want to ensure that the inspiration that came from the Olympic games’ success lives on. We want the Welsh Government to take the lead in capitalising in the renewed interest in sport. Small, simple, effective action now will reap rewards for generations to come.

“The Olympic and Paralympic Games could be the kick start for the transformation of people’s activity levels, and the Welsh Government must grab this opportunity with both hands. The Scottish and Northern Irish Governments have all announced far-reaching initiatives to ensure their long-lasting legacy; Wales cannot afford to be left behind.”

Plaid Cymru’s Sport spokesperson Bethan Jenkins said:

“The power of sport is that it can be enjoyed universally, but the figures show that, at present, large groups are disengaged. If we were in government, we would combat this alienation. We would implement measures which will inspire people to become more engaged and which will improve their lifestyles.

“We would also ensure there is an extra space at the cabinet table so that somebody is responsible for driving through these policies and initiative around sport without being distracted by other elements of their portfolio.

“By harnessing the post-Olympics enthusiasm, we can nurture the talents of the likes of the Jade Jones’ or the Aled Sion Davies’ of the future.”