Miliband fails to make case for Union with 'vacuous' Englishness speech


Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary leader, Elfyn Llwyd MP, has criticised Labour leader Ed Miliband's speech on Englishness today, dismissing it as vacuous and lacking substance.

Mr Llwyd said that the heavily-trailed policy speech answered no questions on dealing with the West Lothian Question or with the future constitutional position of the UK.

Mr Llwyd, whose party has laid out thorough proposals in preparation for UK constitutional change, maintains that England will remain lagging behind in the debate unless unionist politicians start offering constructive proposals instead of sentiment and scaremongering.

Mr Llwyd said:

"Plaid Cymru have called for a partnership of equals, but Ed Miliband's position on the English is that they do not deserve their own Parliament or Assembly.

"Today's speech on Englishness and the constitution offers no solutions or fresh thinking from Labour, who can muster nothing more than vacuous and simplistic comments.

"Plaid have always maintained that the creation of an English Parliament would help answer the West Lothian Question and address the UK's democratic deficit, but it seems the unionist parties would rather bury their heads in the sand than come up with constructive proposals.

"It is clear that Labour are in a real muddle over constitutional issues. This was seen recently in Wales where Labour was the only major party not to submit evidence to part one of the Silk Commission which looks at fiscal arrangements in Wales.

"People from all four corners of the UK should have the right to determine their own future and be treated as equal citizens. While this forms Plaid Cymru and the SNP's core beliefs, the people of England will surely be hoping for something better than the Labour leader's empty words."