Labour downgrades important rail service


Plaid Cymru slams Labour’s betrayal of north Wales


Plaid Cymru has slammed the decision by Labour to downgrade the Gerallt Gymro North-South rail service to just one service a day. Plaid Cymru’s transport spokesperson, Rhodri Glyn Thomas described the decision as a betrayal of north Wales. He added that it was a typically short termist decision that would impact heavily on the economy and the environment.


Plaid Cymru’s Transport spokesperson, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, said:


"The decision by the Labour government to halve the Gerallt Gymro Express service is nothing short of a betrayal of north Wales.  After all the hard work of Plaid Cymru in government to improve rail connections across Wales, Labour is clearly determined to downgrade provision for some areas – especially north Wales.  This is a typically short-termist approach which will impact heavily on the economy of these areas.  It will also force more people to use roads rather than more sustainable forms of transport."