Investment not austerity will get Wales back on its feet


Plaid Cymru calls on Welsh Government to emulate the One Wales example

In a debate in the Assembly, Plaid Cymru has called on the Welsh Government to emulate the example of One Wales and prioritise jobs and investment to help the Welsh economy cope with the economic crisis. The party has accused the Welsh Government of preferring to make political gain from the cuts rather than protecting Wales from them.

Plaid Cymru called on the Labour Government to emulate the example of the One Wales Government which responded to the economic crisis immediately by convening economic summits, and with measures such as the mortgage rescue scheme, ProAct and ReAct, the strategic capital investment fund, and business rate relief. These measures meant that Welsh businesses, families and workers were protected from much of the economic crisis, whilst ERP continued to grow.

Plaid Cymru’s Economy spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones said:

“For months, Plaid Cymru has been calling on the Welsh Government to take action and help the economy, but we have seen nothing but lethargy from the government. In the face of Westminster cuts, investing wisely is more important than ever, and capital investment projects are an extremely effective way of stimulating the economy. Yet despite rising unemployment, and the struggle that faces Welsh families, Labour have failed to bring forward a single new investment project.

“When Plaid Cymru was in government we did everything we could to shield the people of Wales from the worst of the recession. But instead of taking action to help, the Labour Government has left us exposed to the worst of the recession, preferring to point the finger at Westminster for making the cuts.

“Investment, and not austerity, is what is needed on the Welsh economy. When the economy went into recession in 2009 Plaid took sensible steps to protect jobs and investment.”