Local Government Elections 2012


With a number of Local Authorities still to be counted later today, Plaid Cymru’s Director of Elections, Ian Titherington has commented on the results so far;


“2008 was the best ever result for us as a party so it was always going to be a challenge to match that.


“In some areas we’ve managed to hold up our vote and seats fairly well such as Ceredigion, and there are a number of important results still to be counted throughout today. We’re disappointed nonetheless to have lost some great councillors last night.   


“The results are not entirely unexpected.  People’s anger with the UK Coalition’s cuts made this a challenging election and in Wales, as was the case in many parts of England, the electorate was determined to demonstrate its anger at this Westminster government.  We share and understand these concerns, but remain unconvinced that Labour gains will change in any way how Wales is treated by Cameron and Clegg, and will not provide a programme for transforming our communities.


“We’ve always said that the task of building the party would be a long-term project, and we’ve already identified the challenges we need to address. Our task now is to make the changes that are needed to ensure that Plaid is in a position to win elections and ensure that Wales becomes the successful nation we know it can be.”