£5,000 donors' cap: Plaid call for real change not more Labour hypocrisy


Commenting on the the latest discussion regarding political party funding, Ian Titherington, From Undeb - Plaid Cymru's Trade Union section said;

"Plaid Cymru has long argued for reform of the party funding system and provided a detailed submission to the Philips Review in 2007. The Party in its submission argued that a donation cap should be imposed at £5,000 for individuals and organisations.

"Today's opportunistic statement from Labour's Ed Miliband however is an insult to people's intelligence. His suggestion that all other parties cap their donations while his own party continues to collect millions from affiliated trade unions, is completely disingenuous.

"A wholly transparent system is needed, including changing the regulations applied to Labour's union backers so that individual union members have to sign to affiliate and therefore fund Labour, and also are made aware that they are affiliated - offering them an option to drop out individually at a later stage if they want to. The current 'tick box' system is open to misuse and consequently, many union members who are affiliated are not aware of this, until they recieve internal Labour ballot papers. The purpose of our trade union movement is to represent the interests of the members, and not to bankroll the Labour Party without the knowledge or consent of many.