Party of Wales launches 2012 local government campaign


A strong record in our communities, a powerful voice and vision for Wales

Plaid Cymru will today call on voters, ahead of the local elections, to defy the path of decline and failure by voting for the only party which is working to build a better Wales.

Plaid will focus its campaign on its strong local record in building economic recovery, supporting families and improving local services. With its record number of candidates, the party will also say that, as Wales’ only ‘local party,’ Plaid will work tirelessly to provide a powerful voice and vision for the whole of Wales.

At its campaign in launch in Carmarthenshire Plaid will also unveil some of its key commitments to voters in every part of the country, and how, despite unprecedented cuts, the party will build on its record and do more for local communities.

Leanne and the team launching the manifesto in Ammanford 

Key Wales-wide commitments will include:

• Providing paid apprenticeship, skills and training schemes – to support our young people.
• Helping local businesses secure public contracts and providing grants and loans to fund business start-ups.
• Campaigning to save vital local services currently under threat from closure and centralisation.
• Bringing empty properties back into use and investing in more affordable homes.
• Introducing schemes to allow local communities to benefit from the ownership and control of our natural resources.

Download Plaid 2012 Maniffesto [pdf]

Commenting ahead of today’s launch, Plaid’s Local Government campaign manager, Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“Local councils have more power than we think to make a difference to our lives. To make Wales stronger economically, councils have to pull their weight and use their powers to change lives for the better: to create work, stimulate business, encourage investment, prioritise education and take care of the environment. As a nation, we can build resilience to future threats by building up a network of Plaid councils run for the people and not the political parties – creating local economies that put people first.”

“These are difficult times economically, but Wales needs to be given every opportunity to build a better future. We need to think differently about our communities, and about how we get things done. In our cities, towns and villages, we cannot afford more of the same. It’s not about politics, it’s about pride and determination and self-belief. It’s about seeing beyond the failures of the London parties and believing in a Welsh alternative and believing in Wales.

Plaid’s leader on Gwynedd Council, Dyfed Edwards, said:

"If ever there was a time when Wales needed its local party to be in a strong position to fight for our communities it is now. In Gwynedd we are proud to have invested in the future of our communities - both urban and rural showing ambition despite the austerity we're being dealt.

"When Plaid is strong, Wales is stronger and we are proud in this election to be sharing with the people of our communities, our strong record, team and vision for the next 5 years."

Plaid’s leader on Caerphilly Council, Allan Pritchard said:

“Plaid has not and will not stand by and watch decline take its course. In Caerphilly we are proud that we have already provided 0ver 160 young people with apprenticeships. We know that the priority for most people is providing and protecting jobs, particularly for young people and this is why party is now committed to building on our successful scheme in Caerphilly and creating apprenticeship schemes in each local authority where we lead or share power over the next five years.”

Neil McEvoy, Plaid’s Deputy leader on Cardiff Council added:

“For the London parties, these elections are yet another opportunity for them to play out their Westminster pantomime, playing politics with people's lives for narrow party gains. For Plaid Cymru, these elections present a chance to implement a programme of action to protect Welsh communities from the assault of the cuts which are too deep and are being implemented too quickly.

“Plaid is committed to using the powers of local authorities to the full to help families through these times. Vote for your local champions, vote Plaid – the only party with the ambition to see beyond the tribalism and inertia of today’s politics.”