Rise in unemployment highlights need for capital spend - Plaid




Another increase in the number of people who are unemployed in Wales further highlights the need for urgent government action.  That was the message today from Plaid Cymru Economy Spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones who is calling on the Welsh and UK governments to spend in order to stimulate economic growth.  Mr Jones repeated Plaid Cymru’s criticism of the UK ConDem government’s policy of deep, fast cuts which he said is hitting Wales disproportionately hard, particularly in terms of public sector job losses.  He said that government at both levels should be focussing on bringing forward capital investment in order to create jobs and stimulate growth. 


Plaid Cymru’s Economy Spokesperson, Alun Ffred Jones AM said:


"What communities across Wales desperately need is for both the UK and Welsh governments to spend in order to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.  The failure of the ConDems and Labour to do this is costing the people of Wales very dearly – that is clear from today’s figures.  At times of economic crisis, the government should bring capital investment forward as a means of stimulating the economy in order to achieve growth, create jobs and help small businesses.  The building of new schools, hospitals and infrastructure is one of the most effective ways in which a government can invest quickly to boost the economy.  However it seems that the UK government is intent on driving forwards with its ideologically driven agenda of cuts. Meanwhile the Labour government here in Wales is sitting back and leaving our communities exposed to the worst effects of the economic crisis."