Plaid AM calls for urgent action to stem rising numbers of homeless


Plaid Cymru’s Housing Spokesperson Leanne Wood AM has said that large rises in the number of homeless people illustrate the reality faced by people struggling to get by in these difficult times.  She added that the figures highlight the impact of the economic crisis exacerbated by ConDem cuts at a Westminster level and Labour’s inaction as the Welsh government.  Ms Wood called on the Labour Welsh government to take urgent action to address the problem.

Plaid Cymru’s Housing spokesperson Leanne Wood AM said:

"These figures show the devastating reality of people struggling to get by during these difficult economic times.  The ConDem cuts and benefit changes are forcing more and more people into desperate situations.  They had an opportunity to reform to improve social housing and rent controls, but instead, their policies are resulting in more and more people losing their homes.

"The difficulties that people are facing are compounded by the lack of action of the Labour government here in Wales.   Plaid Cymru wants to see the Welsh government taking urgent action to help people and to stem the surge in homelessness.  One of the ways it could help is by re-introducing the mortgage rescue scheme which was introduced by Plaid Cymru in government when the last recession hit."