Plaid Cymru welcomes support for opt out organ donation



Plaid Cymru’s health spokesperson, Elin Jones AM, has today (Thursday 8th March) welcomed support for organ donation. A majority of respondents to a public consultation said that they were in favour of plans to change the law in Wales to a ‘soft opt out’ system of organ donation

Plaid Cymru Health spokesperson, Elin Jones AM said:

"Plaid Cymru welcomes this show of support for a system of presumed consent. More and more people are waiting for transplants every year and as things stand too many people are dying while on the waiting list and it would be wrong not to act.

"Under the current system there are large numbers of people who would like to be organ donors but are not actually registered.  Moving to an opt-out system will ensure that the number of people who donate increases and a number of lives are no longer needlessly lost. The system doesn’t take the right of the individual to decide – if a person does not want to donate their organs they can simply opt out.

"In light of the controversy surrounding this issue it is very important to have full and open public debate and consultation. It is very welcome news that the majority of respondents to this public consultation are in favour of the opt-out system."