Labour sleeping on the job again


In response to the UK government’s announcement that the Green Investment Bank will be located in Edinburgh and London, Plaid Cymru’s AM for Mid and West Wales Simon Thomas said:

“Clearly, Labour have been sleeping on the job once again when it comes to making the case for Wales, and as a result the Welsh economy, environment and Welsh businesses will miss out.

“In Wales we have an abundance of natural resources and this huge investment of £3bn would have allowed us to properly capitalise on that, but the Labour government has failed make the case for Wales and the opportunity has been lost.

“This bid was the first serious test of this Welsh Government's new enterprise zones policy and they have been found sorely wanting as its bid for the Green Investment Bank failed to pass the first hurdle.

“While the ConDem government overlooks Wales as a base for investment and the Labour government’s lethargy continues, Plaid Cymru’s focus remains firmly on bringing significant and sustainable investment to the Welsh economy.”