Plaid calls for fuel duty regulator to fight rising prices


Rural fuel costs higher than urban areas - prices should be capped

With warnings of even greater price rises in fuel, Plaid Cymru leader in Westminster, Elfyn Llwyd MP, has today repeated calls for a fuel duty regulator to stop prices rising rapidly at the pump.

Plaid have consistently called for the introduction of a regulator which would cut fuel duty when prices spike unexpectedly, freezing the price at the pump.

Mr Llwyd also called for a rural fuel derogation which could mean lowering prices in rural areas. A trial is currently taking place in Scotland.

Mr Llwyd said:

“Rising fuel prices are a great problem for families and businesses in my constituency.

“It seems that they keep going up, whatever the government claims they have done – and so does the fuel duty that they collect.

“In this Budget later this month, George Osborne should introduce a genuine fuel duty stabiliser, as supported by motoring organisations and the Federation for Small Business, which would cap the price of petrol at the pump if it increases beyond expectation.

“Plaid have been pushing for this for 7 years now but neither Labour or Conservative governments in London have agreed this common sense idea.

“He should also look at extending the rural fuel duty derogation which is currently being trialled in parts of Scotland where 5p per litre is cut from the bill.

“Motorists in rural areas spend significantly more on fuel than those in urban areas.

“In part, this is because of their rurality, meaning that they use their cars more, and in part because of higher prices at the pump.

“Longer term, though, we have to be moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels and moving towards a greener economy.

“As there is not even one public electric car charging point per constituency in Wales, never mind every town or street, then people will not be persuaded to change from the current arrangements.”