St David’s Day bank holiday call for economic, social and cultural boost






A St David’s Day public holiday would provide an economic, cultural and social boost for Wales. That was the message today from Plaid Cymru Culture spokesperson Bethan Jenkins who has tabled a statement of opinion calling for the day to be made a public holiday. Ms Jenkins said that marking the national day with a public holiday would boost efforts to take the Welsh brand across the world and assist the tourism industry in marketing the nation both at home and abroad.


Plaid Cymru Culrture spokesperson, Bethan Jenkins said:


"A St David’s day bank holiday would offer an economic, cultural and social boost for Wales.  The tourism industry is a key driver in Welsh economic development and creating a Welsh public holiday would create a very welcome boost for that sector. It is hugely important that we use all the tools at our disposal to take the ‘Wales’ brand to the world and our national day offers an ideal opportunity to do this.

"St David’s day is of significant historic and cultural importance to Wales.  This has been widely accepted and agreed in the National Assembly by all the parties in previous years but attempts to make St David’s Day a national public holiday have been rejected by consecutive UK governments.  That is why I am using this statement of opinion to call on the Labour Welsh government to make representations to the UK government calling for an additional public holiday for Wales on March 1st."