Plaid Cymru AM response to the Prime Minister’s comments on European subsidies


Plaid Cymru has accused the Conservatives of pledging to continue their efforts to undermine farmers in Wales following comments by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Cameron told the BBC's Countryfile programme which was broadcast on Sunday 8/1/12:

"I think we can push for real changes were we reduce these production subsidies that have done so much damage in Europe and focus the effort instead on rewarding good environmental practise."

Following Mr Cameron's comments, Plaid Cymru Rural Affairs spokesperson Llyr Huws Gruffydd AM said:

"The Conservative and Lib Dem government in London has failed in its recent efforts to get European subsidies for farmers reduced, but the Prime Minister's comments clearly signal that they will continue to push for reductions.

"If the Conservatives get their way, essential funding for our farming communities will disappear, farmers will be forced out of business, costing jobs and livelihoods across rural Wales.

"Conservatives in Wales have been misleading farmers by denying that they want to slash the subsidies. However, David Cameron's words show clearly that they care nothing for farmers in Wales and would willingly sacrifice our agriculture industry."