So, have you made a new year's resolution for 2012?


So, have you made a new year's resolution for 2012?  

This year thousands of Plaid Cymru members and supporters will resolve to play their part in making our nation better.  We want to share our vision and ambition for a successful Wales with people in communities across our nation. 

Will you make a resolution to join with us and make this happen?


Your resolution

There’s much that can be done to help Plaid and to support Wales - from delivering leaflets to writing letters to your local paper, from spreading the word from door to door to sharing Plaid's message online.

How about making a resolution to give an hour or two over the next few weeks for Plaid?  We've created a ready-made campaign for you to spread Plaid's positive message in your area. 

Click here to go to our Talk about jobs action centre and get started!


And in the old Welsh Calennig tradition, how about donating £5 or £10 or whatever you can afford in order to kick-start our 2012 campaign fund. Click here to donate today.