Challenging UK government over feed-in tariff plans


Scheme changes will damage environment and economy

Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd has told UK Energy Ministers that they were wrong to cut the Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) rate before a consultation on the issue had even closed.

Mr Llwyd met with Energy Minister, Gregory Barker, and the Secretary of State for Wales, where he warned of the effects that these changes would have upon the renewable energy sector in Wales.

The FIT (feed-in tariffs) scheme is designed to encourage investment in renewable energy and reduce costs for households, but Mr Llwyd said that these changes to the scheme would damage both the environment and the economy. The consultation is running until this Friday, 23rd December but the changes were introduced last Monday, 12th December.

Elfyn Llwyd MP said:

“The UK Government’s plans on feed-in tariffs were hugely disappointing, and the fact that they have been introduced before the consultation has even ended shows that this is a financial rather than environmental decision.

"Ministers must realise that solar energy forms an integral part of a sustainable future and plays a vital role in combating the growing challenge of climate change.

“The renewables industry is a large employer in Wales with the potential for significant growth in future. This change puts many jobs at risk.

“Feed-in tariffs give ordinary people the chance to take part in the fight against climate change through generating renewable energy and making savings on their household energy costs. These changes will put many people off doing so.

“The UK Government is clearly neglecting its pledge to produce 15 per cent of the country’s total energy from renewable sources by 2020.

"Introducing these changes at this time was a very poor decision and I hope that the UK Government will see sense and reverse these plans, bearing in mind their commitment to being ‘the greenest government ever’.”


The consultation on Feed In Tariffs concludes this Friday, 23rd December but the changes were introduced last week on Monday, 12th December.

Friends of the Earth and two solar power companies have been given permission to the take the UK Government to court this week over the early implementation.