Plaid comments on unemployment statistics


Commenting on the Unemployment figures for Wales released today, Plaid Cymru Economy Spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“These statistics illustrate Labour Welsh Government’s disastrous handling of the effects of the economic crisis. They also highlight that, as Plaid Cymru has consistently warned, the cuts to public spending by the UK Tory/Lib Dem Government are too deep and too fast. Plaid Cymru is pressing for an urgent stimulus for the Welsh economy – bringing forward spending on government infrastructure projects and giving direct support to our small businesses who employ a vast amount of people in Wales. What Wales needs, and what the construction industry is crying out for, is a coherent and comprehensive capital investment programme.

“Plaid Cymru has set out radical and innovative action in order to enable the government to invest in new schools, hospitals and infrastructure via our Build4Wales proposal. At a time of cuts from Westminster the Welsh government cannot sit back and do nothing. It has to come up with an alternative way to respond to the downturn in the economy.”