The Welsh Government needs to start preparing for Scottish Independence now


Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards has today said that the Welsh Government needs to start preparing for Scottish Independence nowFirst Minister's current unnaceptable policy of waiting on events to happen elsewhere before reacting.

Plaid's Jonathan Edwards said:

“The Scottish independence referendum will fundamentally realign the political structure of the British state.   The multi option nature of the referendum question means that Scotland will either be fully independent or be fully sovereign in all policy fields apart from defence and foreign affairs.   There is no way the Scottish people are going to vote for the status quo.   

"The wait and see attitude of the current Welsh Government is deeply irresponsible. In politics you either shape events or they shape you. Whichever option chosen by the Scottish people will have significant consequences for the people of Wales.   

"The Welsh Government needs to be positioning itself in preparation for the realignment that will happen on these isles following the referendum vote to make sure the people of Wales don’t lose out. 

"I’m not holding out much hope. The Welsh Government seems incapable of putting together a coherent response to the economic challenges we face let alone the consequences of the break of the state.   The Welsh First Minister can’t even persuade his bosses in London to support fair funding for Wales let alone to lead our country towards a fairer political settlement following Scottish independence.

The Labour party, split down the middle between its unionist and nationalist factions can’t lead.   It’s up to the national movement as always to make the case for our country to make sure our people via our own democratically elected institutions are empowered with more responsibility over our lives.