Isolationist Cameron leaves Wales and rest of UK exposed


Commenting on the latest Euro developments, Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones AM has criticised the UK Government for following isolationist policies. The Plaid leader said: 

"The crisis in the Eurozone has a massive impact on all of us. The Welsh economy is especially vulnerable at this time and Welsh jobs and businesses are at risk unless an early resolution can be found.

"It is essential therefore that European leaders take urgent action to deal with the sovereign debt crisis which is in danger of engulfing the Euro.

"David Cameron’s decision today to veto a new treaty and his failure to secure significant concessions at the European Council leaves us particularly exposed.

"The UK Government is going to be isolated – it will not be a key player in the forthcoming negotiations. Yet all nine other countries outside the Eurozone are likely to take an active part in trying to reach an agreement.

"Given the importance of these decisions for the future of the Welsh economy, and especially our exports, the interests of Wales can, for the present, only be protected if the UK is playing an active part in negotiations.

"David Cameron has decided that the interests of his own backbenchers are more important than Welsh jobs.