Labour announcement - inadequate response to crisis


Plaid reaction to Labour’s "Economic Stimulus Package" announcement

Plaid Cymru Economy Spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones AM has described today’s announcement by Finance Minister as completely inadequate. 

Mr Jones said:

"The only significance of the Finance Minister’s announcement is that Labour has finally been pushed into recognising that they should be responding to the economic crisis. However, the details they have announced expose their complete unwillingness to acknowledge the severity of the problems we face. It suggests astounding ignorance on Labour’s part.

"While we would have been happy to see this announcement form part of the government’s response to the economic crisis, alone it is completely inadequate. To call this a "comprehensive stimulus" package is insulting to all those companies that are currently struggling to keep their heads above water, and the many thousands of jobs that are under threat. 

"For over 6 months, Labour has sat back and done nothing – exposing Wales to the full force of this economic crisis. Now, they’re trying desperately to create the impression that this small sum of money will do what’s needed. Quite simply, it will not."