Latest Labour ‘doing nothing update’


Following the announcement of the Labour Welsh Government’s “infrastructure investment plan”

Plaid Cymru Economy Spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones AM said:

“It appears that the Labour government has yet again decided to update the Assembly on the fact that they are doing nothing.

“Labour has announced Phase 2 of capital spending from this centrally retained fund – yet they have not yet completed what was listed in Phase 1. We still have no start dates for the list of projects which are ready to begin.

“Releasing endless lists of projects which haven’t started is not going to help the construction industry in Wales – or help people whose jobs are currently under threat. What is needed from this government is action. We need Labour to get these projects going rather than just talking about them. These piecemeal announcements do not show any sense of planning or coherence - they suggest panic measures to hide the underlying inaction.

“There is clearly no political will to take proper action to help jobs and businesses under these tough economic conditions. Labour is happy to sit back and let the people of Wales feel the full effects of the crisis so that they can keep blaming the Tories.”