No major infrastructure scheme started by Labour since May


Plaid Cymru's economic vision needed for Wales

“Despite the massive economic crisis facing Wales, Labour hasn’t started a single new infrastructure project since gaining power in May 2011”, said Plaid Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones in response to a 10 page list purporting to be details of capital spend by Carwyn Jones’ government (Government press release entitled, "£1.3 billion invested in Wales' national infrastructure this year - First Minister").

Mr Wyn Jones said, “The list that he has produced is the list that he and I published when finalising the budget for 2011-12. Some schemes have dropped off the list, which is worrying, but it is essentially the same.

"This is old, rehashed information and it lists projects agreed by the One Wales government. In fact the list is so old that some schemes have actually been completed like the Porthmadog bypass and the A483 Four Crosses improvement! Where are the new schemes that Labour should be bringing forward in response to this economic crisis?

“Carwyn Jones wants to give the impression that his government is proactive in the face of the economic crisis, but frankly this old list proves the very opposite of that. It is nothing more than a pathetic attempt at spin.

“When I challenged the First Minister in the Assembly Chamber to tell me a single capital scheme that had been started since May, he couldn’t name one. This list proves to me that nothing has happened since May, since the list he produced was published by the One Wales Government. I cannot find a start date for a single scheme detailed in the £105m Centrally Retained Capital fund announced by the One Wales government in March 2011. This is appalling ineptitude by the Labour Welsh Government as well as a kick in the teeth for our hard pressed construction sector.

“After he was severely embarrassed at Assembly Questions, Carwyn Jones’ office briefed the press that they have announced a £77m scheme to redevelop Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Even that isn’t correct. The Local Health Board has yet to submit a detailed business case for the scheme. It cannot start for some time, even if the final business case is approved.

“This Welsh Government is inactive, inept and appallingly complacent. It is a do nothing government, and must be forced into action to prevent economic meltdown in Wales.”