Plaid Cymru demands answers on capital investment delays


Labour puts valuable job creation opportunities on hold

Plaid Cymru is demanding answers from the Labour government on delays to capital investment projects. Economy spokesperson, Alun Ffred Jones AM, has accused Labour of putting valuable job creation opportunities on hold. The Plaid Cymru AM has written to the First Minister asking for details of capital investment projects across all government departments that have been postponed.

In a recent Assembly committee the Health Minister told AMs that she had decided to put all new capital investment projects on hold until the new year, Mr Jones said that this would have serious consequences for the economy and he is now seeking clarity as to whether this action will be mirrored across all government departments.

Plaid Cymru’s Economy Spokesperson, Alun Ffred Jones AM, said:

“Capital investment projects are an important tool in stimulating the economy and are invaluable in terms of creating jobs during difficult economic times like these. This was something that Plaid Cymru in government recognised the last time recession hit. We brought several capital projects forward in order to harness their economic potential.

“It is shocking that Labour has decided to delay health capital projects. We know that these projects are ready to go and could create hundreds of jobs. I have written to the First Minister seeking urgent clarity on whether these misguided delays have been put in place in other departments of his government too.

“It is beyond belief that during these economic times when families across Wales are finding it increasingly difficult to get by, the government would forego these opportunities to create jobs and stimulate the economy. It’s bad enough that Labour has been sitting back and doing nothing to help businesses and workers during the economic crisis, but this is even worse. This is the Labour government proactively holding back projects that would create badly needed jobs in all areas of Wales.”