UK Government must rethink public pension changes


Plaid MPs welcome teachers' pension lobby to London

Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Work and Pensions, Hywel Williams MP, has called on the UK Government to rethink their plans for pension changes to the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme (TPS) and to participate in constructive debate with teaching unions.

The call comes as teachers lobby MPs at Westminster today (Wednesday) over the proposals which have already been the cause of industrial action, with further strikes planned for later this year.

Mr Williams said:

“Despite what is often quoted in the press, public sector pensions are generally affordable within the budget.

“These pension funds have already been re-negotiated and a number of changes introduced in recent years which make public sector pensions affordable now and sustainable in the future.

“Most recipients of pensions are receiving only a few thousand pounds per year, not the sort of gold-plated pensions highlighted in the media, and it is women who will be hardest hit by these changes.

“Teachers and other public sector workers will find themselves contributing more to their pensions from the salaries they receive now, but receiving less when they pick up their pension at the end of their careers.”

Hywel Williams and Plaid Cymru MP colleagues tabled an Early Day Motion in September on the subject of public sector pension changes:

That this House notes that public sector pension funds have already been re-negotiated to ensure financial sustainability; further notes that the new changes proposed are primarily to reduce spending from the public purse and will lead to a decrease in pension payments to individuals; further notes that the proposed changes will force many public sector workers out of their pension schemes due to the additional payments making public sector pension funds unsustainable in the medium term; and calls on the Government to reconsider its proposals, agree a pension solution that encourages membership to ensure a sustainable public sector pension system and avoids forcing hard-pressed public sector employees into industrial action.