400 new green jobs coming to Anglesey Aluminium site


‘Fantastic news’ says local AM Ieuan Wyn Jones

Anglesey AM Ieuan Wyn Jones has welcomed news that at least 400 new green jobs will be created on the island as Anglesey Aluminium is to sell part of its site to Lateral Power to build and operate a new renewable energy biomass plant and eco park.

Lateral Power, a new specially-formed company, will build the new biomass power plant on the Anglesey Aluminium site in Holyhead and use the waste heat and water to develop a massive hydroponics operation, growing crops in the water, and a large fish farm.

Mr Jones spoke to management at Anglesey Aluminium early this morning and later said:

“400 new jobs is fantastic news for the island of Anglesey and couldn’t come at a better time as these jobs are sorely needed here. We’re teetering on the brink of another recession and only by investing in jobs will we avoid another one. A lot of people have worked hard behind the scenes to bring these new jobs to Anglesey since the aluminium works stopped smelting two years ago and they deserve our thanks.

“I’m told that Lateral Power has passed all the due diligence tests and will be a financially secure partnership of a number of companies. I’m very optimistic therefore that their biomass operation will be a continuing success employing many hundreds of local people. It will be a vital shot in the arm too for local businesses and the wider Anglesey economy.”