Elin Jones: Economy is number one priority for Wales


Plaid’s Elin Jones AM today warned that the economy must be the number one priority for Wales and the future of the nation.

Ms Jones used a keynote speech to the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Llandudno to press for fiscal and economic levers to help struggling businesses in Wales. Ms Jones warned that the complacency of the Welsh Government, and the ambivalence of the UK Government, was worrying. Ms Jones repeated Plaid’s urgent calls for a capital investment fund to stimulate the Welsh economy.

Plaid’s Elin Jones AM said:

“There is no doubt that the number one priority for Wales now is the economy. There is cataclysmic change occurring in the world economy. The bastions of the old western economic order – the United States, the UK, the Eurozone are all swaying on precipices.

“What were seen as solid, indestructible economic heavyweights are no longer viewed as such. In Wales, our businesses and communities stand powerless in this uncertain 8-52world. The ConDem Government has rejected a fiscal stimulus to invigorate growth.

“The Welsh Government is equally resisting Plaid’s call for a capital investment fund to stimulate the economy and make up for the removal of public capital funds.

“We want to see Welsh businesses flourish and our economy grow. Plaid Cymru needs to be listening to the views of businesses and needs to champion their cause but we also need more government fiscal and economic levers in Wales.

“Without the ambition and drive of Plaid Cymru, nothing is achieved for this country.”